The Maui Aquaponics Workers Co-op is a commercial aquaponics enterprise, cooperatively owned and operated by caring, capable, certified aquaponics technicians with disabilities. The co-op offers state-of-the-art, affordable aquaponics products and technical services that create reliable and sustainable food growing systems for schools, businesses and homes. In turn, the co-op is dedicated to the creation of a wide range of high and low tech skilled jobs opportunities for capable workers with disabilities.

We sell affordable commercial and backyard aquaponics systems, fresh home-grown food products, nutrient rich aquaponics by-products and provide technical and educational support services for all systems and products. Maui Aquaponics Workers Co-op is 100 percent disability owned.



Sean Walsh introduces Edmodo software to members of Maui Aquaponics Workers Cooperative.

Sean Walsh introduces Edmodo software to Maui Aquaponics Workers Cooperative members at University of Hawaii. The Coop technicians will use the social media software to engage students in documentation of what grows best in 10 micro-climates across the state using the Co-op’s AquaPono Brand 1.0 microsystem.

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